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Finished product - My DIY camera jib

The finished product – DIY camera jib

I’ve recently built my first DIY jib – I’ve always wanted one but couldn’t afford it.

Check the video above to see it in action, I purposefully didn’t stabilize the jib footage in post so you can see its full potential.

My first DIY jib sketch


Below you’ll see the parts that I initially bought for this project:



Base section, version 1

Base section, version 1 (above) was not strong enough and was twisting all the time so I had to replace the flat perforated steel with bulkier steel parts (below)

Base section, final version
Base section, final version

Assembling the top stage
Assembling the top stage with the bracket on which we’ll attach the camera.

Tilt control
Mounting the tilt control arm (above) that will enable us to change the camera angle while shooting. I first got this idea watching this YouTube video – pretty neat, right? Whenever the screw is in place, the jib is in auto-tilt mode and the camera will stay in horizontal position. However, when I remove the screw I’m able to control the camera angle as well.

Finally, as you’ve seen on the first image I decided attach the entire jib to an office chair base with a single large screw since my cheap tripod couldn’t possibly hold the weight.

So far I’m really happy with the results as smooth tilt, pan and up/down moves are easy enough to achieve.

Any questions? Fire away!


  • Hi

    Great build.

    Could you please tell me what is the white part in the video @ 1:39 (to hold the upper bar)

    Thank you

    • Hi, thanks, that’s just a simple, improvised spacer (to hold the distance between the vertical brackets) from a hardware store, made of sturdy plastic. But of course you could use any plastic/wooden block instead and drill a hole through it.

  • Hey, the images are missing and I would really like to build this.. (Looks to be the best DIY) Please help 🙂

  • nevermind i see them now 😀

    • Hi Ethan, thanks for your comment… I was doing some site maintenance, should be back to normal now 🙂 Kind regards

  • Is there an in-depth tutorial on how to make this?

    • No, but it’s a very simple construction, I just copied some of the commercial jib concepts, drew a sketch and went to a hardware store. Then I bought two of the cheapest mic stands as I wanted extendable legs, repurposed an old office chair (for panning) and that’s all there is to it. The rest you can figure out from the images.

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