For my upcoming solo album (featuring Baroque music by Bach, Scarlatti, Zamboni and Kapsberger) I wanted to hear how the microphones I currently own stack up against each other and put them in a realistic recording session (in a spaced AB configuration, playing real pieces).


If you’re looking for a more general tutorial on microphone placement and stereo techniques, read my Part 1 post: How to record classical guitar part 1: Stereo techniques explained.

Preamplifiers (bodies) used in this experiments are Oktava Mk-012 modded by Michael Joly while the capsules are either in omni (SDC) or cardioid (SDC and LDC feat. MJE-K47H capsule heads) configuration.

I made this in my own time for the readers of my blog. I was not paid by any manufacturer to do this.

If you’re listening on studio grade headphones or monitors you’ll probably notice some strange (sweeping high frequencies) noise on the MJE K47H samples, probably caused by AC, sorry about that – I noticed it too late.
Other than that, I think the sound quality was good overall in every configuration, although I do have a winner. Please, don’t forget to tell me what your favourite was.

Recorded at my project studio in Zavrhek, Slovenia, on March 14th 2013.

Hope you like the experiment, the outcome and the music. Feel free to ask any question you like.

Music featured in this video:

J. S. Bach: Prelude BWV 998
M. de Falla: Cancion del fuego fatuo
M. M. Ponce: Sonata III (Allegro moderato)
M. Tomassini-V. Kreslin: Kakor zvezdi na nebu
E. Sainz de la Maza: La Muerte

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