In memoriam Igor Kos

Yesterday I received the sad news that my first guitar teacher, Igor Kos, lost his battle with cancer. A truly humble, selfless person, he always went out of his way to help me, made me fall in love with the guitar as well as introduced me to the world of recording, pop music and improvisation.

Dear Igor, it was a privilege to know you. This recording is my modest way to say thank you one more time, I really wish you could hear it as I gave my all into it.


  • Terry Tassin says:

    Uros, I know you put this tribute to your beloved teacher up just over 4 years ago, but I’ve only recently discovered your videos, and want to thank you – this version of Danny Boy is my favorite, and since hearing this one none of the others satisfy. Just, beautiful. You’ve obviously got a big heart, and you share so much – reviews of instruments and accessories, recording tips, beautiful videos – I’ve become a grateful fan. So, thanks.

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