Euphonia – sound driven short film – highly recommended.

Diego Stocco: Sound Magician – a beautiful series of short videos by musician/foley artist Diego Stocco.

Craft Your Profession – Old Star Press on Vimeo

Harmony of the Parts – Violin Maker Georg Meiwes shares his passion of handcrafting instruments in his Salt Lake City shop.

Clear evidence of discrimination in the world of recording – article on Sonnox website by Fab Dupont.

Music and Filmmaking, a partnership born out of change. A case study of one example

How to Run Your Home Studio Like a Startup Business

It’s all who you know and Seeking inspiration? by Derek Sivers

Ghost – A brand new blogging platform done right, on Kickstarter

Magic Lantern has done it again – RAW video workflow on Canon 5D MkII / MkIII

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