Here’s a neat app I’ve recently discovered and purchased for my studio – AC-7 Core Mini. It allows me to monitor my recording sessions in Logic from my iPhone, which is very practical when recording my solo repertoire as I needn’t leave the chair anymore in-between the takes.

The app features basic fader function as well as a transport screen with REC, SELECT, SOLO and MUTE buttons for each track. Besides, you have a view of the timecode and can quickly scroll through the recording using a jog wheel.

I must say I’m pretty satisfied with the way this app performs, however it is no mixing tool! What it does very well is monitoring the sessions within your recording room or controlling live recordings.

The app should connect to your DAW via Wi-Fi instantly – if it doesn’t I suggest you follow these steps in the right order:

1. Open AC-7 and Logic or your DAW of choice.

2. On your Mac, go to Settings > Sharing. Select Internet sharing (don’t check it just yet) and set the settings to: Share your connection fromEthernet / To computers usingAirport. After selecting both options, check the Internet sharing option.

3. On your Mac, open the Audio MIDI Setup application. Go to Window > Show MIDI Window. Double-click on Network.

4. Next, open Preferences on your iPhone. Go to Wi-Fi and select the network with the name of your Mac. Return to the MIDI Network Window on your Mac and click Connect.

That’s it! Your Logic session should be synced with your AC-7. In case you still have trouble connecting the app to your DAW, please turn to Saitara’s Support Forum.

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