Mythic Quest #206

RELEASED: June 4th, 2021 RECORDING: Uros Baric LINK: IMDB My recording of Schubert’s Ave Maria (below) was featured in the Mythic Quest S2 E6 – BackStory! After the episode aired on June 4th 2021, my YouTube video received tens of thousand additional views, there have been a few Reddit threads about the music as well … Read More

#Beethoven250 VGO

Special Edition Virtual Guitar Orchestra – 9 Symphonies For 9 Guitars by Leon Firšt RELEASED: August 25th, 2020 CREATOR: Uros Baric EDITOR: Uros Baric VGO DIRECTOR / IDEA INITIATIVE: Mak Grgic 9 Symphonies For 9 Guitars was composed for VGO by Leon Firšt, amazing young composer from Slovenia. The work is using motifs from the great 9 … Read More

Legnani World Project

LEGNANI WORLD PROJECT THE GUITAR, OUR PASSION LEGNANI 36 CAPRICES op. 20 for 36 WORLD GUITAR MASTERS Thanks to the 36 wonderful guitarists who during the Covid-19 lockdown wanted to say that the passion for the guitar is stronger than anything and that even in times of difficulty it can unite men and women from … Read More


Information RELEASED: September 15, 2018 LABEL: Baros Records GENRE: Classical, Film, Traditional, Popular PRODUCER: Uros Baric PRODUCT LINK Film Review Midnight by Uros Baric is filled with beautiful performances, sensitive phrasing, as well as elegant and colourful arrangements. His use of guitar orchestration perfectly suits the collection of works creating a warmth for the album … Read More

Canto a la Vida

RELEASED: 5th June, 2019 LABEL: Baros Records GENRE: Classical ARTIST: Carlos Alberto Castro PRODUCERS: Uros Baric, Carlos Alberto Castro PRODUCT LINK Canto a la Vida is an homage to the career of world-renowned Costa Rican sculptor Jorge Jiménez Deredia through the production of new guitar compositions inspired by some of his most suggestive works from … Read More

Que lo diga el río

RELEASED: 31st May, 2019 LABEL: Baros Records GENRE: Classical, Traditional (Folklore), Tango ARTIST: Luciano Massa PRODUCER: Uros Baric PRODUCT LINK Que lo diga el río (Let the river say it) is a tribute to Argentine music and offers a new perspective into the extreme cultural diversity of Argentina. This album presents an array of different folklore … Read More

American Collection

RELEASED: 12th December, 2017 LABEL: Baros Records GENRE: Classical, Film ARTIST: Matthew McAllister, Allan Neave, Uros Baric, Sasha Savaloni PRODUCERS: Uros Baric, Matthew McAllister PRODUCT LINK Film Tracks Chick Corea: Children’s Songs arr. F. Henderson [1] No. 1 [1:43] [2] No. 2 [1:18] [3] No. 3 [1:38] [4] No. 6 [2:15] Ralph Towner: [5] Toledo … Read More