RELEASED: 5th June, 2019
LABEL: Baros Records
GENRE: Classical
ARTIST: Carlos Alberto Castro
PRODUCERS: Uros Baric, Carlos Alberto Castro

Canto a la Vida is an homage to the career of world-renowned Costa Rican sculptor Jorge Jiménez Deredia through the production of new guitar compositions inspired by some of his most suggestive works from the musical point of view.

The transmutative symbolism of Deredia is based on the stone spheres of the Borucas, an aboriginal ethnic group of Costa Rica. Six outstanding composers – five Costa Ricans and one Italian – created these works for solo guitar throughout the year 2018 and dedicated them to Carlos Alberto Castro who comissioned the pieces to venture into the barely explored relationship between sculpture and music.


Alonso Torres: Génesis
[1] I
[2] II
[3] III
[4] IV

Carlos José Castro:
[5] Crepúsculo

José Mora-Jiménez: Tótems
[6] La Notte
[7] Il Risveglio
[8] Il Volo
[9] L’Alba

Marco De Biasi:
[10] Canto a la Vida

Edín Solís:
[11] Recuerdo profundo

José Arias:
[12] Imagen Cósmica