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14-year-old student of mine Martin Stojanoski performing “Se ela perguntar” by Dilermando Reis. Recorded at my studio on June 16, 2014, using the multicam live video technique.

Martin has been studying two years with me at Sežana music school and two months ago he placed 5th out of 16 contestant at a national guitar competition. I’m really happy with the improvements we were able to make this year so I wanted to make a video of his favourite song that he played at the competition.

If you’re looking for score, I recommend getting the arrangement by Ivan Paschoito. If you prefer not to spend any money I believe there is a free version at Syukhtun Editions as well.

Dilermando Reis’ pieces are a joy to play and not too hard, making them a good choice for any guitar student. For further listening I recommend Xodó da Baiana (as recorded by David Russell on his Aire Latino CD / Digital Release) and Alma Apaixonada.

Video camera: Canon 600d w/ 50mm 1.8 lens, audio recorded using two Oktava Mk-012 mics w/ MJE-K47H capsules. Edited in Final Cut Pro X and Reaper (audio-side of the post production).

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