A few years back I dedicated a series of posts to editing classical music in Reaper D.A.W. Here’s the list in case you’d like to revisit them – they are mostly still relevant:

Editing Classical Music in Reaper Part 1
Editing Classical Music in Reaper Part 2
Editing Classical Music in Reaper Part 3 – Source/destination 3/4-point editing

However, a few things have changed since then, especially for advanced 3/4-point editing – I’ve been having a few problems in Reaper 6 with the old scripts by Pelleke (the action key would often copy previous and not the current selection to the destination tab).

I started exploring how to fix this problem and came across this forum thread – back in March a Reaper user Pawel has updated and improved the scripts by Pelleke and these seem to work great in Reaper 6. You can visit the development page here.

The new scripts require a different installation:

  1. Download ReaPack
  2. Open Reaper, go to Options > Show REAPER resource path in explorer/finder
  3. Once the resource path folder opens up, go to UserPlugins folder and drag the downloaded Reapack file inside.
  4. Restart Reaper
  5. Go to Extensions > ReaPack > Import repositories and paste the address https://github.com/ply/ReaScripts/raw/master/index.xml
  6. Go to Extensions > ReaPack > Manage repositories > double click ply scripts > Packages > Install/update ply Scripts > Install all packages in this repository
  7. Go to Actions > Show actions list > filter: type “ply” > Select the two Source-Destination actions and assign keyboard shortcuts to them (by clicking on Add… and typing your shortcut).

That’s it! It’s a slightly longer process than installing Pelleke’s script, but it is a one time only thing.

Enjoy the power of Reaper D.A.W. and 4-point editing.


    • Uros Baric says:

      Hi Maurice, unfortunately I can’t replicate the issue, the xml file seems available. Are Reaper and Reapack up to date? Please post to reaper forum and let me know if you’ve found a solution.

  • Albert Jan says:

    Great, thanks so much!! Was relying on the Pelleke’s scripts for a long time, but they stopped working as of today. Your fix was quick and easy and seems to be working flawlessly!

  • I notice that in the video the time selection seems to be starting at the play position, rather than click and drag. How is this done?

  • It looks like someone is developing some additional source-destination and crossfade editor tools for Reaper, building on the earlier scripts; user “Beth Harmon,” who has developed some useful features for Reaper and Ardour already, is working on something; see the recent posts at this thread: https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=170775&page=2

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