For some reason, when editing a Multicam clip – even with the video-only switching option enabled (see image below) – as soon as you’ve done any audio enhancements (gain change, loudness, hum or background noise removal) to the multicam audio track, Final Cut Pro X inserts hearable audio gaps exactly at points where a video angle changes.

So, if I have to make any sound enhancements in the multicam project, I would simply drag the audio track from the Events window onto the timeline, synchronizing it manually with the existing multicam audio track.

Then I’d select the entire multicam clip, click on Info > Audio and drag the volume control all the way to the left. This leaves you with only one active audio track which you can now change as you please.

Do you have any better solutions for this FCPX bug?

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  • Rock Roberge says:

    Brilliant! I couldn’t figure out why there was a noticeable audio change at each scene cut, when I clearly have a single audio source selected for the entire multicam project. This resolved my issue, thank you so much!

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