Recently I decided it’s time to change the default admin username on one of my WordPress networks of sites using the Username changer plugin. While this plugin would’ve worked perfectly with any single WordPress install, in my case it locked me out of my Super Admin Dashboard.

Fortunately, I’ve just stumbled upon the solution on WordPress forums, provided by Andrea in his post below:

“Super Admin staus is kept track of separately. And you have to be logged in as a Super Admin to make another one, so. In your case, the only way to fix it now is in the db.

look in the wp_sitemeta table for the site admins field. you’ll see a value like this:


The 6 means my username has 6 characters. andrea is my username. 🙂 Change whatever you have to your new changed username and that integer.”


Sign in to your host’s Cpanel and go to phpMyAdmin. Then, select your site’s database and follow the steps above. After it’s done, the Network Admin menu should be back in the My Sites tab!


  • Thanks for this info! Helped me!

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  • Oh, so many little tiny things like this!
    Every day is a school day.
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    It worked for me.

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