You’ve probably come across QR Codes¬†(abbreviated from Quick Response code) a thousand times. QR Codes are small black & white checker-box images and the information encoded can be made up of any kind of data, but generally speaking we can use the code to link to any URL address or mobile applications. Being a trend in the world of marketing, QR Codes are often used by bands, musicians and music promoters as well.

As a short intro, take a look at the video below for an example of creative usage of QR Codes in Victor Petit’s job application – I reckon the guy got hired, don’t you?

[vimeo 21228618 w=580 h=326]

Here’s a list of suggestions of how you could be using QR Codes as an independent musician:

  • In your CV or Concert Proposal as a link to your online/mobile Demo CD.
  • On flyers promoting your next concert – fans that scan the code should be awarded with, say, a free track, video or a reduced ticket price to make it worth the effort.
  • On your CD packaging, as a way to direct your fans to some exclusive content.

Here’s how I incorporated the QR codes into my Onepage (a one sheet presentation). Scanning the code will take you to my SoundCloud mobile version of my online Demo CD. For those that wouldn’t want to scan it, below there’s a link to my website’s music page as well.

To create your free QR Code, head over to and enter the URL Address of your website or the site you want to direct your fans to. Click shorten and copy the shortened version of your URL. Next, open a new browser window, copy that URL and add .qr at the end, f.e. Upon pressing enter an image of your newly-generated QR code will appear in the browser. Save that to your computer and you’re done!

If you want to dig deeper into QR Codes, ShareSquare is an excellent free service that enables you to create professional-looking mobile applications for your music projects, utilizing QR Codes as well in the process. Moreover, ShareSquare also makes it possible to monitor the whole campaign, showing all the necessary statistics.

What are your thoughts on using QR Codes as a promotional tool? Have any ideas on how to creatively use them?


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