RELEASED: December 4th, 2020
CREATORS: Adam Del Monte, Mak Grgic Uros Baric
EDITOR: Uros Baric

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Virtual Guitar Orchestra is a community driven project aiming to bring together all classical guitarists during the uncertain and tough times of the COVID-19 pandemic – everyone from students to amateur guitarists to world class soloists – in doing what we all love most: playing music together.

Special thanks to our supporters: Susan Fowler & Drea Zigarmi, L. John Harris and the Harris Guitar Collection at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Brian Hays, Strings By MailSavarez Strings, Angie Hougen, Juan Carlos Rodríguez, Matthew Denman, David Crabbs, Donna Zitzelberger, Deborah Anderson, Kathleen Sax and Hermanita Laurel Ornish. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Produced by: Uros Baric
Virtual Guitar Orchestra director: Mak Grgic
Music by: Pepe Romero
Assistant Editors: Doris Cosic, Julián Ardila, Gary Campbell, Roberto Kuhn
Audio Mixed by: Uros Baric, Julián Ardila
Video Editing: Uros Baric

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Virtual Guitar Orchestra (VGO), a global guitar community initiative, was born originally out of an idea to create a new audience development tool, and ended up being a necessity to keep the guitar community alive and active during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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“Welcome to this project honoring my grandmother and her hometown above Malaga — where my young father first taught himself how to play the guitar!
The lyrics came to me in two parts:
My father Celedonio wrote a short poem for my mother, Angelita, which I used for the final closing section of the piece. But when I created the central duet (a call-and-response between guitar and the singer), I was moved to write my own poem to honor the memory of both of them.”
– Pepe Romero

The Lyrics to the “Lento” middle section, by Pepe Romero:
Ay, Porque no pueo
Ay, Porque mirarte no pueo Ay, Te llamo con un suspiro. Ay, Mientras tu guitarra suene Mientras tu guitarra suene
Tu seguirás siempre vivo.
Ay, Te llamo con un suspiro. Ay!
The Lyrics to the final section, (original poem by Celedonio Romero):
Los pinos no cantarán, Ay, canciones de primavera. Los pinos no cantarán. Ay, las flores no se abriran, El día que tu te mueras.
Los pinos no cantarán…

English translation:
Ay, Because I cannot…
Ay, Because I cannot see you, Ay, I call you with a sigh.
Ay, While your guitar rings out… While your guitar rings out,
you will forever be alive.
Ay, I call you with a sigh.
The pines will not sing, Ay, their spring songs.
The pines will not sing, Ay, and the flowers will not bloom… the day that you die.
The pines will not sing…