RELEASED: April 30th, 2020
CREATORS: Mak Grgic, Sergio Assad, Uros Baric
FOUNDER: Mak Grgic
EDITOR: Uros Baric

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Virtual Guitar Orchestra is a community driven project aiming to bring together all classical guitarists during the uncertain and tough times of the COVID-19 pandemic – everyone from students to amateur guitarists to world class soloists – in doing what we all love most: playing music together.

The first edition of Virtual Guitar Orchestra features 28 of world class guitar virtuosos – David RussellPepe Romero, Juan Manuel Cañizares, Yamandu CostaOdair AssadZoran DukicBerta RojasAna VidovicBadi AssadScott TennantWilliam KanengiserJohn DearmanMatthew GreifRicardo GallenAniello DesiderioJudicaël PerroyMeng SuRene IzquierdoThomas ViloteauStephanie JonesGaelle SolalJoão LuizMatthew McAllisterElodie BounyElina ChekanMarc TeicholzMak Grgic and Uros Baric.

The orchestra is formed by 115 members who submitted their home recorded videos online, and the full ensemble features 143 guitarists from 50 countries across the globe.

The piece Kaleidokithara was composed specifically for this project by Sergio Assad, one of the most prolific and recognized living composers for the guitar.

Virtual Guitar Orchestra has been gaining worldwide attention, its videos and website have been viewed over 100.000 times over the past few weeks and it has been featured on many leading classical guitar publications and organizations, including Gendai Guitar Magazine, Classical Guitar Magazine (online edition), Guitar Foundation of America, Guitar Salon International, This Is Classical Guitar and dozens of guitar societies around the world. The project was also presented on the Paraguayan TV station Unicanal.

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