Lullaby For Yukako, a song by Sergio Assad & Dušan Bogdanović is the sixth installment of SIDE BY SIDE: A video series created by father and daughter, and taped during the time of self-isolation in 2020. Every episode welcomes a special guest. This song features Dušan Bogdanović.

PROGRAM NOTES BY SERGIO ASSAD: Dusan’s guitar music has been a favorite for years. Before the world went into a pause, we planned to collaborate on stage as a trio (Dusan and the Assad Duo) by creating an original mixture of Balkan and Latin American music. Given the lockdown, we used the opportunity to collaborate remotely. Dusan shared with us this charming piece, Lullaby for Yukako, written for his wife, and I was able to work my own ideas around it. Besides singing this song beautifully Clarice crafted one more time the imagery around this side-by-side episode.


Music: Sergio Assad & Dušan Bogdanović

Vocals: Clarice Assad

Video editing: Clarice Assad

Audio editing and mixing: Uros Baric

Raw footage of Sergio Assad: Angela Olinto

Raw footage of Dušan Bogdanović provided by the artist.

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