Three new videos have recently been released on my YouTube channel, featuring gorgeous music by Polish Renaissance composer Jakub Polak. Even after 450 years this music feels so alive. Featured pieces in the videos below are a lively galliard dance, a beautiful prelude and an elegant courante dance.

Bradford of this is classical guitar (highly recommended classical guitar blog) had some really nice things to say about my new videos, thank you!

Uros Baric is a classical guitarist, music producer and guitar instructor based in Slovenia, Europe. He also runs Baros Records, a new record label and recording studio, founded in 2014. Below are three works by renaissance composer Jakub Polak (c. 1545 – c. 1605) via his YouTube Channel which is filled with tons of fantastic videos. I particularly enjoyed the spirited Galliard for his crisp rhythm lines and clear but smooth playing. Great dance feel! I’ll have to learn more about Polak…

The score is already available on Baros Records.

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