This is a brand new video guitarist Primož Sukič recorded in my studio this Thursday. It’s a new live multi-cam video+audio workflow I’ve been experimenting with lately where everything you see in the single video angles is played live and then edited together. I really like the final result and think it’s among my best audio/video work. Primož was great and had tons of ideas which made my work much easier.

Audio is recorded using two microphones (Oktava Mk-012 Joly mod with MJE-K47H large membrane capsules) with the stereo AB configuration. The mics were placed 1,20 metres from the instrument, distance from each other 45 cm, distance from the floor 55 cm. I edited and mixed audio in Reaper and video in Final Cut Pro X.

I’ll have more details on the workflow in a few weeks plus I’ve prepared a few nice videos to celebrate my YouTube Channel’s approaching 200.000 views next week.

How do you like the composition? What about the black background, does it fit the style of the piece? Please tell me in the comment section.

Primoz Sukic 01

Primoz Sukic 02

Primoz Sukic 03

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