A teleprompter is a display device most often used by the television news that enables you to read the script while looking straight at the camera. Commercial teleprompters cost upwards of 500 Euros and I wasn’t particularly impressed by the recent Kickstarter teleprompter video either, so I decided to build my own.

I wanted something simple and small that I can use with my iPhone so I quickly drew a sketch and started cutting plywood. Please check some snapshots of the project below, the only elements missing is the transparent part of a CD jewel case that I added last to the teleprompter.

Photo Credit: Autocue via Compfight cc

Note: I first tried to use glass from a photo frame instead of the jewel case, but it didn’t work well. The text displayed was all weird and blurry, so try to use plexi glass or simply a CD case for this purpose instead.

To see how this device works, check my strings review video below, the iPhone app I was using teleprompter with is called Best Prompter.



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