Have you ever wondered how to apply volume automation to the stereo sum track in Logic Pro 9 instead of changing parameters for each microphone’s track?

Here’s the way to go:

1. in the Mixer, select Output channel strip, then click on Options > Create Arrange Tracks for Selected Channel Strips.

2. Go back to the Arrange Window, press A and start automating the new track called Output.


  • Hugo Acosta says:

    Hello Uros, I found your blog and I think it is fantastic! Great Job!! I am a classical guitarist too and I´m recording my CD, I found your tips very useful, thank you for doing it.
    I´m still learning about editing music, do you have more about Logic Pro 9? because it is what I´m using.
    From Mexico, thank you again!

    • Hi, Hugo! Thank you for your kind words and getting in contact. Unfortunately, as you’ll see from some of more recent posts, I’ve switched my entire editing process to Reaper, which is far more flexible and faster than Logic 9 IMO. Make sure to send me a link to your music when the CD is ready. Best regards, Uros

      • Hugo Acosta says:

        I`ll try to work in Reaper, everybody say thats a great DAW

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