I had to privilege to host guitarist Jure Cerkovnik in my recording studio a few weeks ago. It was a two-day session and the repertoire included compositions by Sergio Assad, Antonio Jose and Domenico Scarlatti.

You can hear the mp3 samples below while the uncompressed AIFF files are available on request. Please, make sure to let me know what you think of the outcome by leaving a comment!

The recording technique I used is standard AB using my beloved Oktava Mk012 Microphones modded by Michael Joly, w/ cardioid capsules. These two mics were both positioned about a metre away from the performer (as seen in the picture below, taken in the early stage of positioning the microphones).

Additionally, to capture the room ambience, I added a third microphone further away (2,5 metres) – a large condenser Rode NT-1A w/ Michael Joly’s own MJE-K47 capsule.

The sound you hear in the mix is mostly Oktavas, panned hard left and right with a touch of the room mic’s signal. Besides, I applied hi/low-pass filter on all the mics, a gentle compression on the master bus as well as a subtle reverb only on the Oktavas. Finally, to sweeten the overall sound I applied a 2db lift around the frequency of 10kHz.

All the editing was done in Logic 9 while the pre-mastering was done using Waveburner. Below you can see some screenshots of the editing (cutting/joining regions, applying crossfades, volume automation) and pre-mastering process.

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    Sounds quite nice.

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