At Wiener Staatsoper, the standing room tickets are sold starting 80 minutes before curtain time at the standing room box office only (Operngasse entrance). It’s a great opportunity for music students to hear as many operas as they like as the tickets are sold at only 3 Euro.

Normally, an hour and a half before starting time guarantees you a standing room ticket. However, note that you can only purchase one ticket per person and, to make sure you get a good standing spot, it is highly advisable that you line up in front of the corresponding area entrance (if you’ve bought a ticket for parterre, you’ll have to line up in front of parterre entrance) as soon as you’ve purchased your ticket. About 50 minutes prior to curtain time they open the door so you can mark your spot with a scarf or something similar (see the picture).

How are the standing room tickets acquired elsewhere? Please, leave a comment…

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