May 26, 2015

Videos of my guitar students

I’m very proud to share videos of my entire guitar class at Sežana Music School. We shot the videos last week at the school’s concert hall, both as a reward for the students’ hard work in this school year and to promote my newly established platform for online guitar

First off, Tenej and Gaj, both 8 years old and 1st year guitar students, have done a superb job in their first 9 months of learning classical guitar. They are able to play some pretty advanced stuff already, know most of the chords and quite a few strumming techniques.

Next up are the extremely talented sisters, Leila (10) and Timeja (13), who also sing regularly, which you can hear in the videos below. They have been playing guitar for three years only.

Nejc (14) playing Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen…

…and Uršula (13) performing Demons by Imagine Dragons.

Not to forget, a while back I also recorded Martin (then 14, now 15 years old) in my studio as a preparation for Krško guitar competition in Slovenia, where he won the 3rd prize with the total of 92.33/100 points!

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